Ageless Glow
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Turn back the clock with rejuvenating

Sounds great - I'm in!

Everything you need to get that DESIRED FACE LIFT and GLOW plus TAKE YEARS OFF YOUR FACE, is within your reach.
All you need is your hands, 10 MINUTES A DAY and the RIGHT FACE MASSAGE and FACE YOGA TECHNIQUE.

Boost your own body’s COLLAGEN PRODUCTION and REJUVENATE from the inside out so your skin can bounce back fast even after bad night sleep!

AGELESS GLOW a.k.a. a ‘face time machine’ is for you if you desire to:

LIFT YOUR FACE naturally in just 8 weeks!

Turn back the clock and reclaim your YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE

Get HEALTHY RADIANT GLOW with Face Yoga and Face Massage

Discover REJUVENATING and SCULPTING natural face techniques that TAKE YEARS OFF YOUR FACE!

Look at the incredible results!

Is this you - the woman who desire to

  • find sanctuary from stress, welcome inner peace
  • embrace self-love and banish self-criticism
  • rediscover your confidence and self-worth
  • relax and unwind at the end of busy day
  • shine from within feel and look radiant
  • feel inspired, motivated and supported

What if you could TAKE YEARS OFF your face? FIRM UP, LIFT AND GLOW and get NATURAL LONG-LASTING RESULTS without invasive cosmetic procedures, chemicals or expensive anti-ageing creams!?


Ageless Glow

visible results in only 8 weeks!

Doors will open SOON – don’t miss out!

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The Ageless Glow is for you if you want to

  • Reclaim your skin’s NATURAL HEALTHY GLOW
  • Release tension and add more ‘me time’ to your busy life
  • SMOOTH OUT and FIRM UP your face- and neck-line naturally
  • Get support, be guided and motivated in a group of like-minded women
  • BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM and feel CONFIDENT in your own skin
  • Get CLARITY on face exercise and massage that will turn back the clock on your face
  • STOP ENDLESS SEARCHING on the Internet and guessing what exercise is the best for your concern
  • CALM your racing mind and learn skills and tools that give you LONG-LASTING RESULTS no matter your age

What to expect from Ageless Glow Live Course

40+ Targeted short video routines

of rejuvenating face/neck/décolleté/scalp massage and Face Yoga techniques to warm up, lift, firm up, sculpt and release tension.
Targeted exercises for problematic areas such as crows feet, saggy neck & jawline, marionette lines, jowls, 'flat' cheeks, frown & forehead lines as well as tight jaw, neck, shoulders and middle back.

Learn at your own pace

by following four Modules with an eBook guide and explore your unique face. Bonnie will guide you through the step by step process of safe 'active face-care' practices.
Module 1 - upper body and full face warm up and awareness,
Module 2 - lower face lift (decollette, neck, jawline),
Module 3 - middle face (cheeks, mouth, lips),
Module 4 - upper face (eye area, forehead, frown line, scalp)

Weekly Live to answer your questions

on Zoom streamed to a private support group. 'Ask me anything' in a dedicated thread comments and I will help you to modify the rejuvenating techniques to your specific needs and concerns.

Immediate Lifetime access

to easily follow safe, ageless techniques that will lift, tone and firm up your face anytime and anywhere. No special equipment needed except facial oil.

Skincare and skincare routine guidance

is important for healthy looking skin so you can enjoy your radiant glow everyday!

Design your own Face Yoga routine guidebook
Good Posture guidebook and video series

Meditation Bundle to relax your face, body and soul
Relax your tight jaw mini-course

Face Yoga Lifestyle

What others say

I help women turn back the clock with my Face Body Mind Method.

After discovering a few unwelcome changes to her own face and body, Bonnie decided to take action. She spent years learning about her own body and face and those of her clients. She was able to determine why we move the way we do and how to correct those moves to obtain desired improvements.

Bonnie studied Rehabilitation Pilates with physiotherapists and has been teaching Rehabilitation Pilates for more than 10 years. She has also been certified as a Face Yoga teacher with Fumiko Takatsu and recently started to explore power of mind.

She applies rehabilitation principles to face and body muscle re-training for herself and her clients which creates a youthful appearance head to toe and corrects body alignment. Her approach is totally unique and comprehensive.

“My aim is to teach people how to use and treat their bodies including face and mind to enhance their inner beauty, be pain free and feel fabulous inside and out. Face and body exercise is ongoing work and includes adaptable lifestyle changes. Mindset is an important part of it. Face Body Mind is part of my life forever, and I hope it will be yours, too!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We will be sad seeing you leave but if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we have a 14 days money back guarantee. Cancellations must be done in writing and emailed to:: You’ll receive a full refund within a few days.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you do and any future updates. This is a first run of the Ageless Glow so more likely there will be updates to the live workshops and more short face routines added over the time. You will be able to access all anytime.

Do I need any special tools to be able to participate in the course?

All you need is a mirror for practice and a facial oil suitable for your skin type.

We recommend using a larger screen (laptop) if you like to follow short routines inside the program’s modules and participate in live QA’s.

Bonnie’s live will be hosted on Zoom but you can watch the live stream inside the private Facebook Group. Zoom is free and very easy to use. Please download the app here on your laptop: 


Will I see visible results following the content?

You will see and feel some difference during or after your first few sessions. Your muscles will relax first, blood flow will increase and you will be ready for your facial workouts. You will see and feel less tension in the face, body and mind which creates the beautiful radiant glow on your face. Our face and body are unique so the changes vary from person to person.

How much time do I have to dedicate?

For the best results we highly recommend to allow 15-20 minutes daily practice. The course is designed to allow you to gradually increase your time commitment and develop a consistent habit.

You will simple login daily and follow the routine 5-7x week. All information is saved in your account which you get lifetime access to and can follow anytime from anywhere.

Plus you can ask Bonnie anything in the weekly QA’s for 8 weeks.

How does face exercise affect my skin and appearance?

Comprehensive Face Yoga practice works the hypodermis (the muscles and fatty tissue), the dermis (connective tissue) and the epidermis (the skin cells).

By working all three of these layers correctly it will increase the fluid circulation (lymph and blood), allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach the cells of the skin. The results are a clearer, healthier complexion with a youthful glow. 

You also get an access to Bonnie’s skincare routine guide and recommended natural skincare products.

I've had Botox/Fillers - would I still benefit from the course?

Yes, you will benefit from the course, however, we may have to modify the Face Yoga poses and other techniques depending on your specific needs. Please email me to arrange a short chat: Our VIP option (private coaching along the course) will give you piece of mind as we can tailor the techniques.

Does age, experience or a health condition matter?

No, everybody can benefit from facial exercises and massage techniques. However, if you suffer from face related condition it would be better to discuss your specific needs as we may have to modify the techniques. Please email me to arrange short chat here:

Can I book a private session with Bonnie?

Yes, Bonnie creates bespoke face or/and body programs based on your postural and lifestyle habits. As a result the transformation is comprehensive and complete as we address the root cause.

Please email Bonnie to arrange a short call here: