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We were given our body, we learnt how to walk, jump, run etc. The questions is, ‘do we look after our body as it deserves’?

In this section you will learn about each part of your body structure and how to move and strengthen it. It’s a gradual process, be patient and enjoy the movement!

Watch the anatomy video to learn about your body structure (optional).

Please take good care of each part of your body on daily basis.

1 .Stop when you feel something is not right.

2. Consult with your health practitioner if you suffer from a specific medical condition or if you are in pain.

3. Perform the exercises slowly with ‘Pilates Principles’ in mind.

4. Do you have questions? Ask me anything in Discord. Alternatively submit your questions for our monthly ‘Help & Clarity with Bonnie (Q/A)’ if you need a visual feedback. Here is the link: