Body Restore – Wellness & Fitness Program

£2,999.00 for 3 months

‘Reclaim your body strength and function with Body Restore’

This 3 month long bespoke 1-1 program is designed to balance your body inside out by improving your posture and fitness.

Get active, strong and energized! 

Old age is a myth so why to live in an old body with young soul if we can have both!

Are you ready to take the next step in your Wellness and Fitness?

Let’s have a chat about how we can ‘restore your body’.  To book a complimentary consultation email to:

Payment plan available.

‘Our bodies were designed to be our home base, our intelligent centre connected to our soul.

Pamper your body, rebuild your home.’

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We will co-create your unique exercise plan and I’ll help you implement the necessary small lifestyle adaptation that will help you to get your desired healthy, fit and happy body!

Body Restore Private Coaching program is for you if:

  • you are committed to take action and follow step by step process
  • you are willing to gradually change your body’s unwanted habits
  • desire professional guidance and support
  • seek motivation and accountability so you stay focused
  • want a tailored-made plan, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed
  • desire help getting back on track, but you don’t want it to take up your whole life.

You want to work with a skilled coach who knows how to make things happen, who can break everything down into manageable chunks, and who can keep you focused on what really matters, making sure that your health, fitness and overall wellbeing is working for YOU and not against YOU.

I am a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Pilates Coach, Lower Back Pain Management and Core Exercise Specialist who helped many clients in their rehabilitation journey.

Let’s do this together! 

I know that achieving your health and wellness goals on your own is hard work – but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. I’m here to help you simplify so that you can focus on what matters most: your health and wellness.

What you get:

  • initial posture assessment and range of motion and strength assessments,
  • setting specific goals your daily action plan is going to be created around,
  • bi-weekly 60 minutes coaching calls on Zoom (in person if previously discussed and agreed and on Zoom if traveling). 
  • a bespoke progressive mobility and strengthening program 
  • targeted home exercise short routines tailored to your needs that you will practise on your own,
  • regular progress evaluations and adjustments to the program,
  • integration of specific movements relevant to daily activities or sports,
  • guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and nutrition for long-term well-being,
  • any other resources you may need to get you closer to your desired goal,
  • education on area(s) of concern (prevention and body mechanics),
  • regular check in for accountability,
  • messenger access between sessions during ‘office hours’ Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm except bank holidays.

The bespoke program is designed to your unique body and delivered in a web-portal or app with your own login to access anytime. It consist of written instructions as well as video technique, progress tracking sheet and any other  documents you may need to achieve the goal we set. Also, you can print it out and follow once you learn the technique. You will get 3 month access to the program from the date it’s delivered to you.

1-1 sessions are scheduled in advance and can be re-arranged with 48 hour notice. (The length can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, e.g. one 1-1 session and 1 pre-recorded or 1 longer session monthly if you travel or are on holiday)

In the program we concentrate on the whole body to restore it’s function with strength, flexibility, alignment and relaxation. Saying that we can also target specific areas that need ‘more help’ such as:

  • neck and/or shoulders 
  • the whole spine
  • lower back and/or hips 
  • lower back and core
  • core/abdominal strength.

If you require more comprehensive treatment and plan (rehabilitation) then Limitless Body 6 month Package might be more suitable for you. We can discuss all option in our complimentary initial call.

You know deep down that the positive change will help you to show up even more powerfully in your personal (family) and business/work life. Once your cup is full, your life will flow. 

Click the link to a break-down of the program:

Looking forward to guide and support you in your ‘wellness journey’.

Cancellations, main T&C:

  • Client can ask to re-scheduled 1-1  session with at least 48 hour notice via an email ( Coach will offer and alternative date/time in the same week but cannot guarantee availability to suit client schedule. Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice (no matter the reason for cancellation) will be count as ‘missed’ and charged in full.
  • 1-1 session can be replaced with a pre-recorded session or any supporting materials especially during holidays and sickness.
  • If the client requires more private session to ensure consistency, this can be purchased separately as a add on.
  • If the coach or a client is on an annual leave and private session is due, a recording of the session will be provided or the session will be scheduled after.
  • By purchasing this package, client agrees to Terms and Conditions on this website.