Cupping for Specific Conditions


You will learn how to

  • stimulate the lymphatic system and facial nerve,
  • alleviate tension headaches and neck pain,
  • move lymph and sinus congestion,
  • release pain from TMJ and teeth clenching,
  • reduce and remove scarring and cellulite.

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Cupping in general is a great addition to your wellness. Within just few minutes, you’ll have the confidence to use your cups and oil for a specific treatment you or your family and friends may need.

The course is divided into 10 videos 2-3 minutes long plus welcome introduction. Once you’ve finished watching the videos, you’ll have the confidence and necessary knowledge to use this material at the comfort of your home for the rest of your life.

We also recommend to perform Sculpting Face Cupping regularly for the maximum blood flow boost in your face as well as tension release we all have from our life emotions and stress. It’s a very special natural health and beauty treatment we all can do easily at the comfort of our home.

In this course you will learn cupping for these conditions:

  • sinusitis,
  • tension headaches (and neck pain),
  • scars,
  • C-section scar,
  • cystic acne,
  • Bells Palsy,
  • TMJD (jaw pain/disorder),
  • cellulite.


  • Silicon Facial Cups and Mini Cellulite Cup (used for cellulite, however because of it’s stronger suction it can also be used for neck and shoulders depending on size of the area). Both can be ordered from our online shop.
  • This course is for anyone with the above mentioned conditions interested in natural treatment.


Feel more relaxed, look younger and be pain free.


Cupping is contraindicated directly on veins, arteries, nerves, skin inflammation, multiple moles, skin cancer, skin lesion and open wounds, bone fractures, body orifices, lymph nodes, varicose veins and sites of deep vein thrombosis. Pregnancy – avoid stomach, lower back and back of the shoulders as well as neck.

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