Face or Body Analysis

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Why it’s important to be the creator of good posture …

  • balanced muscle function,
  • better overall body function,
  • enhanced physical performance,
  • tall, more appealing appearance,
  • reduced risk of falls and injuries,
  • reduced strain on muscles and joints,
  • better balance and body coordination,
  • less pain and aches and better breathing,
  • supports your physical health and comfort,
  • positively influence your mental well-being and self-perception.

Posture analyses is vital and first step of an corrective exercise program and fitness program.

Want’s to age in a healthy balanced body with radiant glow head to toe?

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‘You and your body are worth it!’

How it works:

At the check out please enter in the optional column if you would like to have Body or Face Analysis. You can have both by adding 2 Analysis at the check out.

After your payment is processed I will email you within 48 hours a Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and a guide how to take 4 good resolution photos.

Once I get back all the information I need, you will receive my availability to book practical consultation where I assess your ‘dynamic’ movement. The session will be on Zoom approximately 30 min long. 

I then will look at all the data gathered and record findings of the Analyses which will be sent to you via email.

We will then schedule 30 minute Zoom session where I will answer all your questions.

Face or Body analysis includes:

  • Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire assessment
  • Static photos analysis
  • Practical ‘dynamic’ assessment
  • Analyses of all the data gathered 
  • Recording of all findings 
  • QA on Zoom 

Take action NOW, you and your body are worth it!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

‘Our bodies were designed to be our home base, our intelligent center connected to our soul. Take good care of your body – rebuild your home.’