Fix your tight jaw workshop – Relax, release and align


Do you experience stiffness, pain/tenderness in the jaw?

Or perhaps grinding and clenching teeth, popping or clicking noise in the jaw joints or locking/catching sensations? 

Then this practical workshop is for YOU! Plus I added 3 Bonuses that will speed up your jaw recovery and tone your lower face and neck.

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Tightness in jaw muscles , grinding and clenching teeth are common. Stress, anxiety, injury, and bad posture can contribute to muscle tension and pain. Having a tight jaw can interfere with one’s ability to eat or speak and also often leads to other symptoms like tension headaches, discomfort around the mouth & nose area or the whole side of the face. Common advice by the health professionals is to choose soft and liquid food and wear a mouth-guard. Yes, it’s a solution but not a cure to our symptoms and suffering!

 Did you know?

  • Grinding and/or clenching teeth causes wear and tear which may require costly dental procedures.
  • Tension headaches are common due to build up tension around the jaw joints, temples and scalp.
  • Chewing muscles can be tight and/or weak depending on their use, many people chew predominantly on one side. 
  • In addition to all of the above, we can feel discomfort on one side (or both) of your face caused by muscular imbalance. 
  • Over the time shape of our face may change or/and we develop deeper lines and sagginess.

Are you ready to ‘fix your jaw’?

The 60 minutes workshop (plus Q/A) will introduce you to fundamental exercises necessary for realigning and relaxing your jaw joint area. This is a practical workshop with a camera on so I can correct your technique and modify the exercises to your needs. You will also get clarity on what lifestyle adaptations are necessary to maintain good jaw alignment. Recording will be sent within 48 hours.

The long-term result is priceless:

  • reduced or eliminated jaw joint pain,
  • reduced or eliminate tension headaches,
  • balanced faceline,
  • reduced inflamation, swelling, redness,
  • reduced wear and tear of the teeth. 


We all are unique and our circumstances will vary. If you suffer from a specific medical condition related to your jaw, face & neck or dental issues please email me and consult first with your health practitioner.  Common facial and neck concerns that can effect your jaw joint are TMJ, Bells Palsy (trapped facial nerve), past injury like whiplash, injury to your teeth or/and jaw, loss of teeth, implant, denture(s), tooth fracture or missing teeth, neck injuries and tightness, bad upper body posture.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

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