Pilates for life 3 months package


Reclaim your body strength and function’

This 3 month long bespoke Pilates based package is designed to take your body through gentle ‘transformations with an ultimate goal – stronger, subtle and energized body. The program is suitable for a ‘not injured’ client wanting to learn and practise general Pilates to enhance body’s overall wellness. 

Pilates is mind-body exercise method. Bonnie is and experience Pilates Coach, she modifies the exercises in difficulty, from beginner to advanced or any other level, and accommodates clients goals and/or limitations. Exercise intensity can be increased as the body adapts itself to the exercises.

Are you ready to take the next step in your healthiest Self?

Want to know more? Read further in the below description:



The Pilates for life is for you if:

  • you are committed to take action and follow step by step guidance
  • you are willing to gradually change your body’s unwanted habits
  • desire professional guidance and support
  • seek motivation and stay focused
  • you don’t want to feel overwhelmed
  • desire help getting back on track.

You want to work with a skilled coach who knows how to make things happen, who can break everything down into manageable chunks, and who can keep you focused on what really matters, making sure that your health, fitness and overall wellbeing is working for YOU and not against YOU.

I am a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Pilates Coach, Lower Back Pain Management and Core Exercise Specialist who helped many clients in their rehabilitation journey.

Let’s do this together!

I know that achieving your health and wellness goals on your own is hard work – but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. I’m here to help you simplify so that you can focus on what matters most: your health and wellness.

What you get:

  • initial posture assessment
  • 12x 60 minutes weekly sessions on Zoom or in person if previously discussed
  • regular progress evaluations and verbal health screening,
  • integration of specific movements relevant to daily activities or sports,
  • guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for long-term well-being,
  • education on area(s) of concern (prevention and body mechanics).

Date and time of regular weekly sessions are arranged in advance and confirmed in writing.

Cancellations must be made in writing via an email 48 hours in advance. Cancellations made 48 hours or less before the scheduled session are charged in full and are not re-scheduled.

In certain circumstances, if required by the client, the coach can send reminders, however, it’s usually the client’s responsibility to set reminders for scheduled sessions.

If the coach is on an annual leave and the session cannot be arranged in the same week, a recording of the session will be provided in advance to ensure client’s regular training and progress.

It’s client’s responsibility to develop consistent practise outside the training sessions with a coach. Coach provides guidance.

If you require more comprehensive program suitable for rehabilitating one or more parts of your body the Limitless Body 6 month package is rehabilitation based program designed to take you progressively from ‘injured’ to ‘optimal’ health & wellness. If you are new to Pilates you can start with the Pilates for life 3 month package, however, more likely you will need much longer and more comprehensive program with a specific home plan you can follow on your own between our private sessions. Specific plan performed consistently gets results faster.

You know deep down that the positive change will help you to show up even more powerfully in life. Once your cup is full, your life will flow. 

Looking forward to guide and support you in your ‘wellness journey’.

‘Our bodies were designed to be our home base, our intelligent centre connected to our soul.

Pamper your body, rebuild your home.’


Example of the break-down of general Pilates program: 

Weeks 1-2: Introduction and Assessment

  • Initial consultation to discuss individual goals, medical history, and any specific concerns.
  • Physical assessment to determine current fitness level and identify any limitations.
  • Introduction to Pilates principles (if client is new to the method), correct alignment, breathing techniques, and core activation.

Weeks 3-4: Foundation and Core Stability

  • Focus on building a strong foundation and developing core stability.
  • Exercises to improve posture, balance, and alignment.
  • Emphasis on pelvic floor and deep abdominal activation.
  • Introduction to basic small Pilates equipment such as overball and resistance bands.

Weeks 5-6: Strength and Flexibility

  • Incorporating exercises to enhance muscular strength and flexibility.
  • Target major muscle groups, including arms, legs, and back.
  • Use of resistance bands, light weights to increase intensity.
  • Stretching exercises to improve overall flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Review and reflection on progress (it’s done through out the program).

Weeks 7-8: Balance and Coordination

  • Integration of exercises that challenge balance and coordination.
  • Incorporation of unilateral movements to address asymmetries.
  • Use of props like balance pads and foam rollers to enhance stability.
  • Focus on functional movements that improve everyday activities.

Weeks 9-10: Joint Health and Mobility

  • Concentration on exercises that promote joint health and mobility.
  • Incorporation of gentle movements to increase range of motion.
  • Emphasis on proper joint alignment and safe movement patterns.
  • Modifications and variations to accommodate individual needs and limitations.

Weeks 11-12: Integration and Progression

  • Integration of previously learned exercises into a flowing Pilates routine.
  • Increased intensity and complexity of movements.
  • Introduction to more advanced Pilates exercises and challenging balance.
  • Review and reflection on progress made throughout the 12-week program.