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Hi! I’m Bonnie,

The Face Body Movement and Rehabilitation Coach who changes people’s life by restoring their body from the inside. I use rehabilitation principles to retrain the face and body muscles, which creates a healthy, youthful appearance from head to toe and corrects body alignment. My specialty is back and core rehabilitation plus I also help clients with shoulders, hips, face and body related concerns. But it hasn’t been always like that.

I was told I wouldn’t be successful in the fitness industry, as I didn’t have the competitive drive!

Half of my life, I’ve followed other people’s destiny; I graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics in Prague and worked in an office for more than a decade. After I graduated from Uni I moved to London to study English.

I have overcome many challenges that have made me stronger, more resilient and determined. From being homeless and jobless, to being involved in both traffic and personal accidents.

I had to go through all of this to find my life’s destiny and purpose.

I left my secure, office job and followed my crazy intuition that was saying ‘Pilates is your destiny’! So, I decided to follow my heart and studied hard. In time, I qualified as a Personal Trainer (2009) and Lower back pain specialist. While working in a gym full time, I certified as Matwork and Ante/Post Natal Pilates teacher, and at last comprehensively trained Rehabilitation Pilates teacher (2014).

It wasn’t an easy path. I was trapped in a vicious circle of work and over-training. I suffered from shoulder, hip and back pain due to a personal and traffic accident plus I didn’t take enough time to recover fully. I was scared to give some of it up, because I had worked so hard for it. All this led to a mental and physical burnout.

I can relate to my clients concerns and feel their pain. I learned my lesson the hard way.

It took some time to gather the mental strength to let go and take responsibility for my own health, wellbeing and life. I become a self-employed full time Pilates teacher. It was scary at the beginning, but very soon I felt great and bursting with energy. I healed my body by from regular painful flare ups and my mind became clear again.’


When did I come across FACE YOGA?

I had my son when I was 41. I didn’t have any help apart from my husband, who worked also full time. Many sleepless nights and the rapid lost of the extra baby weight made me tired and lethargic all the time. By the time my son was 18 months old, I looked like a zombie (photo Feb 2019).

Tired, gaunt face, deep frown lines and nasolabial folds, dull skin, droopy eye-lids, skin sagginess, more visible pores and acne.

I didn't like the reflection in the mirror!

‘Something has to change!’, I said to myself one day. I knew I had to change my lifestyle and my skincare routine, but didn’t know how. I searched for a solution and came across Face Yoga. I took immediate action and became a Face Yoga Method certified teacher (photo May 2019)! It was a steep learning curve and I soon realised that Face Yoga is much more than just facial exercise; but a holistic approach to wellness.

In my Face Yoga journey, I had been dealing with facial asymmetry, tight jaw, eyelid droopiness and lack of cheek muscle strength. I lacked of confidence in my abilities and had low self-esteem. I went through an entire face, body and mind transformation over the years, which I would never have imagined to be possible.

I want you to experience the same change, TRASFORMATION so you can FEEL AND LOOK YOUR BEST WITH CONFIDENCE!

My personal journey sparkled the idea of creating a safe space and community of like-minded women who desire to improve their wellness and wellbeing so they can live a happier life in a healthy body.

FACE BODY MIND LOUNGE membership was born!

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Like our posture, our face and mind are influenced by our life events and lifestyle. We should all take responsibility for our own health, wellbeing and appearance and in doing so, get better at preventing illnesses, injuries and premature ageing.


My aim is to educate you on how to use and treat your face, body and mind to enhance your inner beauty and wellbeing, so you can feel fabulous inside and out. Face and body exercise is an ongoing practice and includes making adaptable lifestyle changes. Mindset is an important part of it. ‘Face Body Mind’ is part of my life forever, and I hope it will be yours too!