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Community of women ready to turn the clock back!


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Get NATURAL FACE LIFT, MOVE WITH EASE and FEEL CONFIDENT in your own skin without spending tons of time and money in a gym or beauty parlour.

Looking to combat droopiness, lines/wrinkles, hunched back and racing mind but not sure how to do it?

It’s time to STOP ENDLESS SEARCHING on the Internet and guessing what exercise is the best for your concern.

Let’s get you from LOOKING TIRED and SAD to GLOWING and CONFIDENT with a step-by-step system and all the support you need.

Is this you?

  • Feeling lost and unfulfilled.
  • Blaming yourself for lack of motivation and will.
  • Wondering why you should bother.

What if you could BE PART OF THRIVING COMMUNITY where you’ll LEARN HOW TO TAKE FEW YEARS OFF your face and body and get access to ‘head to toe’ rejuvenation exercise library and support?



the only community you need to feel and look good in any age.

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What to expect!

Bi-weekly coaching calls with me

in comfort of your lounge. We will have fun together! I will teach you something new and guide you, check your technique and answer your questions.

Monthly guest expert coaching calls

on variety of topics such as skincare, essential oils, mindset, yoga, breathing and more.

Extensive library

of rejuvenation exercises for your face and body (face and body posture).

Meditation, visualization and relaxation techniques

to relax your face, body and unwind your mind.

Thriving community

of like minded women supporting each other in a non judgmental environment.

The FBM Lounge is for you if you want to:

  • improve your facial appearance and posture
  • release tension from your face and body
  • calm your mind and unwind at the end of busy day
  • feel confident in your own skin
  • get results and learn from someone who have achieved all the above
  • be guided, get support and community friendship
  • get clarity on face and body exercises and stop wasting time and money with endless searching

What others say:

I help women turn the clock back with my Face Body Mind Method.

After discovering a few unwelcome changes to her own face and body, Bonnie decided to take an action. She spent years learning about her own body and face and those of her clients. She was able to determine why we move the way we do and how to correct those moves to obtain desired improvements.

Bonnie studied Rehabilitation Pilates with physiotherapists and has been teaching clinical Pilates for more than 10 years. She has also been certified as a Face Yoga teacher with Fumiko Takatsu and recently started to explore power of mind.

She applies rehabilitation principles to face and body muscle re-training for herself and her clients which creates a youthful appearance head to toe and corrects body alignment. Her approach is totally unique and comprehensive.

“My aim is to teach people how to use and treat their bodies, faces and mind to enhance their inner beauty, be pain free and feel fabulous inside and out. Face and body exercise is ongoing work and includes adaptable lifestyle changes. Mindset is an important part of it. Face Body Mind is part of my life forever, and I hope it will be yours, too!”

Be the first to know when the doors are open!