Mini cellulite cup

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Cupping for cellulite is one of the very few non-invasive therapies that can achieve real, visible results when it comes to reducing cellulite. During a session, each target area should be massaged for 10 minutes.

It is called a ‘mini’ cup as it is only 1cm bigger than the larger facial cup from The Facial Cupping Expert.



How does the mini cellulite cup work?

When you use the mini cellulite cup, you mimic the pinch and roll movements of the skin rolling massage technique, which breaks up and loosens fascia (connective tissue that protects and separates muscles). This has a smoothing and toning effect on the skin. Cupping will also help to create lipolysis, which will help to break down fat cells.

Stimulated fat cells (or adipocytes) release fatty deposits and stimulated fibroblasts increase naturally the production of Collagen and elastin (like for facial cupping on your face). Moreover, septas (Septa are small threads that attach the skin to the covering that lies over the muscles.) are stretched and relaxed which improves the blood and lymphatic circulation. This improves the orange peel skin even in the most fibrous areas.

Contraindications:Do not do cupping over:
PregnancyVaricose veins
Heart diseaseSunburn
PacemakerSkin wounds
HeamophiliaDeep vein thrombosis
LymphodemaRecent injuries
Blood thinnersBroken capillaries

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